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Pub Walks

Norwich has over 130 pubs selling real ale, including 16 GBG entries. Almost all of them are within a 20-minute walk of St. Andrew's Hall, but to make things easier we've created a set of inter-connected pub walks, with directions between the pubs, and full details of the likely beer range you can expect at each one. So wherever you're starting from and intending to end up, you'll be able to plot a route which will take you to some of Norwich's finest hostelries. *** You can also download printable versions here ! ***

For details, please click on any of the links below, or go to the Pub List:
Pub Walk 1: Centre - North    
This route circles the Members' Weekend and AGM venue, St. Andrew's Hall, and includes seven pubs and one theatre bar around the river to the north of the city centre.

For those who don't want to walk too far, this route takes in ten pubs in the city centre around the historic Market Place. 

Seven excellent 'street-corner' pubs in the northern suburbs, including the Fat Cat Tap

Starting at the home of Norwich Bear Brewery at The Rose, this walk takes you via the Golden Triangle to the southern outpost of the Beehive.

From the city centre to the Fat Cat & Canary, this is probably the most scenic of the walks, with magnificent views of the river and the Cathedral (the pubs are pretty good as well!).

Starting near the venue, this walk continues along vibrant St Benedict's to the western edge of the city centre, and takes in some of the oldest and newest real ale pubs in Norwich.